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Soil hydraulic conductivity and its influence on soil moisture simulations in the source region of the Yellow River―take Maqu as an example

DongYu Jia1,2,3,Jun Wen4(),Xin Wang2,ZuoLiang Wang2   

  1. 1. Lanzhou City University, Lanzhou, Gansu 730070, China
    2. Key Laboratory of Land Surface Process and Climate Change in Cold and Arid Regions, Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, Gansu 730030, China
    3. Key Laboratory of Geographic Information Science, Ministry of Education, School of Geographic Sciences, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200241, China
    4. College of Atmospheric Sciences, Plateau Atmosphere and Environment Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, Chengdu University of Information Technology, Chengdu, Sichuan 610225, China
  • Received:2019-04-23 Accepted:2019-08-27 Online:2019-10-31 Published:2019-11-12
  • Contact: Jun Wen


aturated hydraulic conductivity and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity which are influenced by soil are two important factors that affect soil water transport. In this paper, data supplied by the Chinese Academy of Sciences are used to determine true unsaturated hydrology values. Furthermore, in combination with observed, model simulation and experimental data, an improved saturated hydraulic conductivity parameterization scheme is carried out in CLM4.5 at a single point in the summer. The main results show that: (1) After improving saturated hydraulic conductivity in CLM4.5 through a parameterization modification, it is found that shallow layer soil moisture increases compared to the initial value; and (2) The numerical values of unsaturated hydraulic conductivities in the model are obviously larger than experimental values. By substituting the Brooks-Corey soil water characteristic curve into the Mualem model, the value of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity is modified; (3) By using the modified value, it is found that the attenuating magnitude of simulated soil moisture caused by each rainfall event is reduced. The soil moisture variation in shallow layers (5, 10 and 20 cm) could be better displayed.

Key words: soil hydraulic conductivity, soil moisture, source region of the Yellow River, observation

Table 1

Soil texture components"

Depth Clay Silt Sand Soil organic matter Soil texture class Position Plant type
5 cm 9.4% 55.9% 34.7% 14.4% SILT LOAM 33°55′N, 102°09′E Alpine meadow
10 cm 8.9% 44.9% 46.7% 10.6% LOAM
20 cm 8.4% 42.9% 48.8% 5.3% LOAM
40 cm 8.7% 38.3% 53.1% 1.7% SANDY LOAM
5 cm 10.0% 50.7% 39.4% 14.3% SILT LOAM 33°56′N, 102°11′E Alpine meadow
10 cm 11.1% 58.4% 30.5% 8.9% SILT LOAM
20 cm 10.5% 52.1% 37.4% 7.8% SILT LOAM
40 cm 10.7% 51.2% 38.2% 2.5% SILT LOAM

Figure 1

The surrounding terrain of the Maqu observation station (a) and surface vegetation conditions (b)"

Figure 2

Soil profile sampling at different depths (left) and a pressure film apparatus (right)"

Figure 3

The numerical distribution of saturated hydraulic conductivities at different depths (a) and their variation with time (b)"

Figure 4

The parameterization scheme correction. (a) Test data of saturated hydraulic conductivity values compared with those of the original model. (b) The establishment of the new parameterization scheme"

Figure 5

CLM4.5 simulation variations in soil moisture at different depths (corrected values minus initial values)"

Figure 6

The variation of soil moisture under different pressures in the Maqu area"

Figure 7

The curve fitting of soil water characteristic curves at different depths. (a) 5 cm, (b) 10 cm, (c) 20 cm, and (d) 40 cm"

Table 2

Parameters for the soil water characteristic curve using a numerical fitting model and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity values"

Depth Average θs (cm3/cm3) Average θr (cm3/cm3) Average Ψe (kPa) Average λ R 2 k
5 cm 0.6635 0.1538 13.91 0.8759 0.9412 0.0114
10 cm 0.6189 0.1300 13.71 0.9596 0.9433 0.0937
20 cm 0.5033 0.1476 12.90 0.8427 0.9272 0.0102
40 cm 0.4259 0.1424 12.85 0.7728 0.9349 0.0020

Figure 8

The variation of soil moisture before and after the parametric improvement of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity"

Figure 9

Comparisons between observed soil moisture and the original simulation and improved simulation of the soil moisture at (a) 5 cm, (b) 10 cm, (c) 20 cm, and (d) 40 cm depths"

Table 3

Statistical values for simulated and observed soil moistures in CLM4.5 for the two schemes"

Soil depth (cm) Original CLM4.5 scheme Improved scheme
5 0.6696 0.0693 0.0278 0.7460 0.0759 0.0290
10 0.5152 0.0420 0.0216 0.5317 0.0662 0.0271
20 0.3651 0.0316 0.0187 0.4305 0.0524 0.0241
40 0.0779 0.0190 0.0145 0.0140 0.0005 0.0025
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