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Investigation of monitoring system for high-speed railway subgrade frost heave

GuoTao Yang1, ZaiTian Ke2, DeGou Cai3, HongYe Yan3, JianPing Yao3, Feng Chen3   

  1. 1. School of Civil Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China
    2. China Railway Corporation, Beijing 100844, China
    3. Railway Engineering Research Institute, China Academy of Rails Science, Beijing 100081, China
  • Received:2015-03-15 Revised:2015-06-01 Published:2018-11-23
  • Contact: HongYe Yan, Assistant Research Fellow, Railway Engineering Research Institute, China Academy of Rails Science, Beijing 100081, China. E-mail:
  • Supported by:
    This work received support from the China Railways Corporation research project entitled "The technical tests for the high speed railway subgrade frost heave prevention in the alpine" (Project No. Z2013-038), "The long term observation of frost-heave technology for Ha-Da high-speed railway during the operation" (Project No. Z2012-062) and "Optimal design for high-speed railway subgrade structure under different grade and environment" (Project No. 2014G003-A). Thanks also for support from the railway scientific and technological research and development center called "The mechanism and evolution rule of the graded gravel under freeze and thawing cycles for the high speed railway" (Project No. J2014G003) and "The disease control technology and equipment of gradating gravel in surface layer of subgrade bed" (Project No. 2013YJ032).

Abstract: This paper presents methods for monitoring frost heave, device requirements, testing principals, and data analysis requirements, such as manual leveling observation, automatic monitoring (frost heave, frost depth, and moisture), track dynamic detection, and track status detection. We focused on the requirements of subgrade frost heave monitoring for high speed railways, and the relationship of different monitoring methods during different phases of the railway. The comprehensive monitoring system of high speed railway subgrade frost heave provided the technical support for dynamic design during construction and safe operation of the rail system.

Key words: high speed railway, frost heave monitoring, automatic monitoring, manual leveling observation, rail detection

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