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Changes in Submission System and Peer Review Policy from 2024

Dear Authors and Colleagues,

        We appreciate your continued interest and support for the 'Research in Cold and Arid Regions.' We are pleased to announce important updates regarding the submission system and related policies to enhance the efficiency of manuscript handling and promote academic exchange. Below are the details of the changes:

  1. Submission System Update and New Website: The journal has decided to upgrade its submission system, with the new system scheduled to be operational from 2024. Please be informed that the new submission system's web address is [New Submission System URL:  https://www2.cloud.editorialmanager.com/rcar/default2.aspx]. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause and anticipate that the upgraded system will provide you with a more streamlined and user-friendly submission experience.

  2. Peer Review Policy Adjustment: Starting from 2022, the journal will fully implement a double-blind peer review process to enhance the fairness and objectivity of the review process. In line with this policy, reviewers will be unaware of the authors' identities, and vice versa, to ensure an unbiased and objective evaluation. This policy aims to uphold the rigorous academic standards of the journal, enhancing the credibility and scholarly value of published papers. When you uploaded your manuscript, please note don't list any author information.

       We sincerely invite you to continue submitting your manuscripts to 'Research in Cold and Arid Regions.' We appreciate your understanding and support for the new submission system and the implementation of a double-blind review. We believe these changes will further elevate the quality of the journal and provide a superior platform for researchers in the academic community. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the submission system update or the review policy adjustment, please feel free to contact us by Email: scar@lzb.ac.cn or tel: +86-931-8267850. We are committed to providing support and clarification.

        Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to receiving your excellent contributions.

                                                                                                   Editorial Team

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