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Comparative study of surface energy and land-surface parameters in different climate zones in Northwest China

JiaXi Yang1,2,ZhenChao Li1,Ye Yu1,4,ZhiYuan Zheng3,XuHong Hou1,XiaoQing Gao1()   

  1. 1. Key Laboratory of Land Surface Process and Climate Change in Cold and Arid Regions,Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, Gansu 730000, China
    2. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100875, China
    3. Center for Monsoon and Environment Research, Guangdong Province Key Laboratory for Climate Change and Natural Disaster Studies, School of Atmospheric Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510000, China
    4. Pingliang Land Surface Process and Severe Weather Research Station, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pingliang, Gansu 730000, China
  • Received:2018-12-07 Online:2019-08-31 Published:2019-09-02
  • Contact: XiaoQing Gao


Based on observational data of arid, semi-arid and semi-humid areas in Northwest China, the characteristics of surface-water heat transfer and land-surface parameters were compared and analyzed. The results show that the annual mean net radiation was largest in the semi-humid area, followed by the semi-arid area, and then the arid area: 77.72 W/m2, 67.73 W/m2, and 55.47 W/m2, respectively. The annual mean sensible heat flux was largest in the arid area, followed by the semi-arid and semi-humid areas, while latent heat flux showed the reverse. The annual mean sensible heat flux in arid, semi-arid, and semi-humid areas was 85.7 W/m2, 37.59 W/m2, and 27.55 W/m2, respectively. The annual mean latent heat flux was 0 W/m2, 26.08 W/m2, and 51.19 W/m2, respectively. The annual mean soil-heat flux at the 5-cm soil layer in arid, semi-arid, and semi-humid areas was 1.00 W/m2, 0.82 W/m2, and -1.25 W/m2, respectively. The annual mean surface albedo was largest in the arid area, followed by the semi-humid area; and the smallest was in the semi-arid area: 0.24, 0.21, and 0.18, respectively. The annual mean Bowen ratio in the semi-arid area was about 2.06, and that in semi-humid area was about -0.03. The annual mean soil thermal conductivity in the arid, semi-arid, and semi-humid areas was 0.26 W/(m?k), 1.15 W/(m?k), and 1.20 W/(m?k), respectively.

Key words: surface energy, land-surface parameters, different climate zones, Northwest China

Figure 1

Site location and underlying surface information"

Table 1

Specific climatic and geographic information"

City Climatic Region Longitude and latitude Altitude Annual mean PET Annual mean precipitation Underlying surface
Dunhuang Extreme arid region 40°10'N 1,150 m 3,400 mm 39 mm Gobi
Yuzhong Semi-arid region 35°57'N 1,965.8 m 1,450 mm 381.8 mm Native vegetation
Pingliang Semi-humid region 35°34'N 1,630 m 1,000 mm 500 mm Farmland

Table 2

Technical parameters of experimental instruments used at three stations"

City Radiometer Soil-heat flux plate 3D sonic anemometer Gas analyzer
Dunhuang Instrument









Range 3,000-50,000 nm -2,000-2,000 W/m2 0-360 deg (WD)

0-5,148 mg/m3 (CO2)

0-42 g/m3 (H2O)

Yuzhong and Pingliang Instrument









Range 4,500-42,000 nm -2,000-2,000 W/m2 0-360 deg (WD)

0-5,148 mg/m3 (CO2)

0-42 g/m3 (H2O)

Figure 2

Annual mean variation of net radiation at three stations"

Figure 3

Seasonal average diurnal change of net radiation at three stations"

Figure 4

Annual mean variation of heat flux at Pingliang and Yuzhong"

Figure 5

Daily average variation of sensible heat flux over four seasons at Pingliang and Yuzhong"

Figure 6

Daily average variation of latent heat flux over four seasons at Pingliang and Yuzhong"

Figure 7

Annual mean variation of soil-heat flux at three stations"

Figure 8

Seasonal mean variation of soil-heat flux at three stations"

Figure 9

Annual mean variation of surface albedo at three stations"

Figure 10

Annual mean variation of the Bowen ratio at Pingliang and Yuzhong"

Figure 11

Annual mean variation of soil thermal conductivity at three stations"

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