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Study on the adaptability of block-rock embankment in permafrost regions
Received:April 20, 2017  Revised:May 20, 2017  Click here to download the full text
Citation of this paper:YuChi Liu,ZhiGang Song,2017.Study on the adaptability of block-rock embankment in permafrost regions.Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions,9(4):412~419.
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Author NameAffiliationE-mail
YuChi Liu No. 1 Middle School, Jilin, Jilin 132011, China  
ZhiGang Song Taiyuan Design Institute, China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co. Ltd., Taiyuan, Shanxi 030013, China songzhi-gang2007@126.com 
Abstract:As an effective solution for protecting the underlying permafrost and preventing roadway damages, the block-rock embankment (BRE) has been widely used on the Qinghai–Tibet Railway, Qinghai–Tibet Highway, and Ching–Hong Road; and it will be promoted for other roadways in the future. To evaluate the adaptability of BRE, the catastrophe-progression method was adopted for the evaluation. By analyzing the factors affecting the stability of BRE and utilizing engineering experience, we were able to establish the mathematical model and divide the adaptability of BRE into five grades. After the verifying analysis of 28 practical engineering examples, the evaluation results are broadly in line with practical application effects. Therefore, the adaptability of BRE can be evaluated and predicted more accurately with this evaluation model.
keywords:permafrost regions  block-rock embankment  adaptability  catastrophe-progression method  evaluation index system
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