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Permafrost response to climate change in the Northern Tien Shan
Received:February 20, 2017  Revised:March 20, 2017  Click here to download the full text
Citation of this paper:Eduard Severskiy,2017.Permafrost response to climate change in the Northern Tien Shan.Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions,9(4):398~403.
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Eduard Severskiy Kazakhstan Alpine Permafrost Laboratory, Melnikov Permafrost Institute SB RAS, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan permafrost.08@mail.ru 
Abstract:This paper presents the results of long-term studies on the response of mountain permafrost in the Northern Tien Shan to changes in climate. Significant warming has been observed in the region over the past 70 years. Records from the high-elevation weather stations Tuyuksu-1 (3,450 m a.s.l.) and Mynzhylki (3,017 m a.s.l.) indicate a warming trend of 0.02 ℃/a in the mean annual air temperature during this period. Permafrost temperatures have increased at a rate of about 0.01 ℃/a over the 40-year observation period. The effects of local factors, including slope aspect, tectonic faulting, snow cover, and human activities, on the distribution of temperature and thickness of permafrost are discussed in the paper.
keywords:permafrost  temperature  thickness  geophysics  tectonic faulting  anthropogenic impact
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