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Title:Estimation of ground heat flux and its impact on the surface energy budget for a semi-arid grassland.  Citation frequency:(2)
Period:Year:2011,Issue 1.  Pages:0041-0050
Author:JinQing Zuo,JieMin Wang,JianPing Huang,WeiJing Li,GuoYin Wang and HongLi Ren
Title:How freezing and thawing processes affect black-soil aggregate stability in northeastern China.  Citation frequency:(2)
Period:Year:2010,Issue 1.  Pages:0067-0072
Author:Feng Wang,XiaoZeng Han,LiangHao Li and KeQiang Zhang
Title:Characteristics of mineral element content of alpine vegetation in permafrost region on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2012,Issue 1.  Pages:0034-0039
Author:ZhaoPing Yang,JiXi Gao,Hua OuYang and Hui Tan
Title:Simulation and analysis of river runoff in typical cold regions.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2011,Issue 6.  Pages:0498-0508
Author:QiuDong Zhao,BaiSheng Ye,YongJian Ding,ShiQiang Zhang,ChuanCheng Zhao,Jian Wang and ZengRu Wang
Title:Spatiotemporal variations of maximum seasonal freeze depth in 1950s-2007 over the Heihe River Basin,Northwest China.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2014,Issue 3.  Pages:0209-0218
Author:QingFeng Wang and TingJun Zhang
Title:Recent changes in ground surface thermal regimes in the context of air temperature warming over the Heihe River Basin, China.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2014,Issue 4.  Pages:0273-0281
Author:QingFeng Wang,TingJun Zhang,XiaoQing Peng and Bin Cao
Title:OSL chronology and paleoclimatic implications of paleodunes in the middle and southwestern Qaidam Basin, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2013,Issue 2.  Pages:0211-0219
Author:LuPeng Yu , ZhongPing Lai , Ping An
Title:The simulation of LUCC based on Logistic-CA-Markov model in Qilian Mountain area,China.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2016,Issue 4.  Pages:350-358
Author:HaiJun Wang,XiangDong Kong and Bo Zhang
Title:Carbon and nitrogen mineralization in soils along a desertification gradient in the semiarid Horqin Sandy Land, Northern China.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2010,Issue 1.  Pages:0021-0030
Author:YuQiang Li,HaLin Zhao,TongHui Zhang,YuLin Li and XiaoAn Zuo
Title:Seasonal evolution of the englacial and subglacial drainage systems of a temperate glacier revealed by hydrological analysis.  Citation frequency:(1)
Period:Year:2010,Issue 1.  Pages:0051-0058
Author:Qiao Liu and ShiYin Liu