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Volume 9,Issue 6,2017 Table of Contents

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Predictions of future hydrological conditions and contribution of snow and ice melt in total discharge of Shigar River Basin in Central Karakoram, Pakistan
  Javed Hassan,Rijan Bhakta Kayastha,Ahuti Shrestha,Iram Bano,Sayed Hammad Ali and Haleem Zaman Magsi
  2017,9(6):511-524 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.34 M)]
Comments on thaw-freeze algorithms for multilayered soil, using the Stefan equation
  ChangWei Xie and William A. Gough
  2017,9(6):525-533 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.32 M)]
Comparison of precipitation and evapotranspiration of five different land-cover types in the high mountainous region
  Yong Yang,RenSheng Chen,YaoXuan Song,ChunTan Han,JunFeng Liu and ZhangWen Liu
  2017,9(6):534-542 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.38 M)]
The mass-balance characteristics and sensitivities to climate variables of Laohugou Glacier No. 12, western Qilian Mountains, China
  JiZu Chen,ShiChang Kang,Xiang Qin,WenTao Du,WeiJun Sun and YuShuo Liu
  2017,9(6):543-553 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.40 M)]
The weak effects of fencing on ecosystem respiration, CH4, and N2O fluxes in a Tibetan alpine meadow during the growing season
  YiGang Hu,ZhenHua Zhang,ShiPing Wang,ZhiShan Zhang,Yang Zhao and ZengRu Wang
  2017,9(6):554-567 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.07 M)]
Variations of trace elements and rare earth elements (REEs) treated by two different methods for snow-pit samples on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and their implications
  YueFang Li,Zhen Li,Ju Huang,Giulio Cozzi,Clara Turetta,Carlo Barbante and LongFei Xiong
  2017,9(6):568-579 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.13 M)]
Numerical analysis on the thermal regimes of thermosyphon embankment in snowy permafrost area
  Yan Lu,Xin Yi,WenBing Yu and WeiBo Liu
  2017,9(6):580-586 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.93 M)]


  Abdulwakeel Ayokun-nun Ajao,Oludare Oladipo Agboola and Sefiu Adekilekun Saheed
  2017,9(6):587-598 [Abstract]  [View PDF(4.48 M)]