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Volume 9,Issue 4,2017 Table of Contents

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Utilizing natural cryogenic resources to improve the stability of natural-technical systems in the permafrost zone
  Rudolf V. Zhang
  2017,9(4):339-342 [Abstract]  [View PDF(6.32 M)]
Shear properties of thawed natural permafrost by bender elements
  Feng Zhang,ZhaoHui(Joey) Yang,JiaHui Wang,HaiPeng Li and Benjamin Still
  2017,9(4):343-351 [Abstract]  [View PDF(13.44 M)]
Phenomena caused by seismic and geocryological processes across linear infrastructure, South Yakutia, Russia
  L. Gagarin,A. Melnikov,V. Ogonerov,I. Khristophorov and K. Bazhin
  2017,9(4):352-362 [Abstract]  [View PDF(20.76 M)]
Numerical simulation of artificial ground freezing in a fluid-saturated rock mass with account for filtration and mechanical processes
  Ivan A. Panteleev,Anastasiia A. Kostina,Oleg A. Plekhov and Lev Yu. Levin
  2017,9(4):363-377 [Abstract]  [View PDF(84.87 M)]
Deformation monitoring and analysis at two frost mounds during freeze–thaw cycles along the Qinghai–Tibet Engineering Corridor
  LiHui Luo,Wei Ma,YanLi Zhuang and ZhongQiong Zhang
  2017,9(4):378-383 [Abstract]  [View PDF(9.70 M)]
Concrete durability under different circumstances based on multi-factor effects
  Feng Ming,ChengCheng Du,YuHang Liu,XiangYang Shi and DongQing Li
  2017,9(4):384-391 [Abstract]  [View PDF(20.89 M)]
Cracking in an expansive soil under freeze–thaw cycles
  Yang Lu and SiHong Liu
  2017,9(4):392-397 [Abstract]  [View PDF(18.16 M)]
Permafrost response to climate change in the Northern Tien Shan
  Eduard Severskiy
  2017,9(4):398-403 [Abstract]  [View PDF(10.67 M)]
Strength of undisturbed and reconstituted frozen soil at temperatures close to 0℃
  XiaoDong Zhao,GuoQing Zhou,GuiLin Lu,Yue Wu,Wei Jiao and Jing Yu
  2017,9(4):404-411 [Abstract]  [View PDF(13.50 M)]
Study on the adaptability of block-rock embankment in permafrost regions
  YuChi Liu and ZhiGang Song
  2017,9(4):412-419 [Abstract]  [View PDF(11.22 M)]
Analysis of bearing capacity of pile foundation in discontinued permafrost regions
  JiLiang Wang,ChenXi Zhang and XinLei Na
  2017,9(4):420-424 [Abstract]  [View PDF(7.41 M)]